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The prime objective of Peer Robotics is to make robots simple to use. To achieve our objective we have build robots that can learn from the people on the shop floors in real-time.

Our products are designed from ground-up eliminating complexity and providing flexibility to the people who the best about their operations (the manufacturers)

rm 500

RM500: The Compact Powerhouse

RM500 is our advanced AMR with a 500kg payload capacity. It's engineered for large scale operations that require heavy-duty material handling without compromising on the smart, autonomous navigation that Peer Robotics is known for.

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rm 250

The RM250 is a
game-changer in collaborative robotics

The RM250 is a robust AMR designed for seamless material handling with a 250kg payload capacity. It's the perfect blend of agility and strength, optimized for dynamic manufacturing environments seeking efficiency and reliability.

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