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At the heart of the manufacturing industry is a labor-intensive reality, compelling countless individuals to undertake strenuous tasks to produce essential goods. While sectors like banking, healthcare, and services have undergone transformative technological revolutions over the past decade, manufacturing has yet to experience a similar paradigm shift. This is where Peer Robotics enters the scene.

Peer Robotics leverages robotic innovation to alleviate the physical demands placed on workers, and to bring the future of manufacturing into the present. We aim to create a future where robots and humans collaborate seamlessly. Our technology is designed to take on the monotonous tasks, freeing human hands and minds to focus on innovation and problem-solving. By doing so, we aim to unlock a new era of manufacturing efficiency and creativity, where the potential of human ingenuity is fully realized.

our values

At Peer Robotics, collaboration is fundamental, as we dedicate ourselves to building advanced cobots to enhance human-robot partnerships across customers and teams.

Driven by innovation, Peer Robotics democratizes advanced technology, making automation affordable and accessible for all manufacturers.

Peer Robotics commits to clear, truthful communication, fostering trust and long-term relationships with its stakeholders.

At Peer Robotics, collaboration is fundamental, as we dedicate ourselves to building advanced cobots to enhance human-robot partnerships across customers and teams.

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futures together.

At Peer Robotics, we're revolutionizing manufacturing with our deep understanding of the industry's core challenges. Leveraging our expertise in human-robot interaction and vision & embedded intelligence, we offer innovative, cost-effective solutions tailored for global manufacturers. Our team, rooted in manufacturing, crafts intelligent robots designed to work seamlessly alongside humans, enhancing productivity and paving the way for the next era of factory automation.

As a solutions-focused partner, we're dedicated to empowering businesses with the tools they need, not only to solve current issues, but to ensure sustainable growth and success in the ever-evolving manufacturing landscape.

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What is Human-Robot Interactions?

Peer Robotics brings the human in the loop while automating the daily mundane tasks, thus reducing the mental and physical fatigue of manufacturing teams, thereby creating room for value addition tasks.


Where is Peer Robotics based out of?

We are headquartered out of the USA with our RnD center in India. Through our extensive network of partners and system integrators, we can cater and service the needs of manufactures anywhere across the globe.


What is the level of safety in our products?

We as a company take safety as the top most priority. Our products are CE and ISO certified per the industry standards. We are also in process of getting various other certifications.


Why should we choose Peer?

In today's world, where things are changing rapidly, demands are increasing rapidly manufacturers need a reliable partner to effectively scale up their operations with minimal effort. Our AMRs have been designed to cater to this dynamic, manufacturers can reliably add AMRs to their facilities with minimal changes to their infrastructure. The simple interfaces available on our products ensure that the manufacturing teams don't need to spend time learning how to use our product, rather they can focus on what other problems can be tackled by the flexibility provided by our solutions.